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Erik Grimsøen

Erik Grimsøen

Erik er bloggpappa, grunnlegger av Team Colibri og en gjenganger innen alt som har med marin elektronikk å gjøre.
Ambassadør for Mercury Marine Norway.
Erik fisker både i salt- og ferskvann.

Starweld Fusion 16 DC m/Mercury 115 Pro XS og mer elektronikk enn showrommet til de fleste elektronikkleverandører siden båten er en flytende testplattform.

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  1. Erik, I am into Lowrance feet first and I posed a "sort of" question regarding the 3 in 1 transducer for my new HDS Live on BBC and you did an outstanding job of answering my questions. Having some time I researched Team Colibri and ended up here. It is quite interesting as I grew up in small town in Wisconsin and most of the residents are of Norwegian background. We used to have a yearly festival in town which the highlight of the event was a big parade down Main Street. After the main parade we had the Syttende Mai parade celebrating our Norwegian Heritage. I am not sure the real Norwegians would have approved but it was a load of fun so your site brings me back to home. Anyway I just read your HDS Carbon Verses Live and had to laugh. I have a Lowrance program guy who I buy his less than 1 year old 12 and 9 for what his new stuff will cost him. This year he might not have the contacts but insisted I get the Live units and he will take back my Carbons. I have a Ranger 620FS and had some work done at the dealer and told him to install my 12 in the old Carbon flush mount. After a few days they called and stated that I need a new console as the Live doesn't fit the old on! $700 later and on the side they tell me not to get the Livesight transducer, it is not very good. Oh well, maybe in the next year they will have it figured out and hopefully it's only a software change and I suspect an expensive transducer. For what it's worth I write a blog as well, www,davidjanderson.blogspot.com however since I have retired it's slowed down somewhat. Anyway I simply wanted to touch base and say hi. Would you mind if I linked your blog on my blog? Maybe I'll try to learn alittle Norwegian, Fiskekost must be your fishing boat, and Favorittfiske must be your favorite methodology. Thank you again for answering my questions earlier or should I say Takk skal du ha! Funny my grandmothers generation all spoke Norwegian so I know a few words:-)


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Jeg ser av statistikken at mange av treffene på bloggen kommer fra folk som googler etter informasjon rundt utstyret som brukes til avansert dorging, populært kalt trolling. Her følger derfor en beskrivelse av hva jeg bruker, og hvordan jeg bruker det. Jeg begynner med det enkleste (og billigste) og fortsetter med det mer avanserte spesialutstyret. Nå er det ikke nødvendigvis slik at mine meninger er SVARET over alle svar, de er bare mine meninger basert på min (mangelfulle) kunnskap og mine (begrensede) erfaringer. Hva man føler man trenger av utstyr styres av så mange faktorer at dette på ingen måte kan være en absolutt fasit. Du bør dog få en del basiskunnskap ut av det jeg skriver, og ikke minst et sted å starte når du skal høste egne erfaringer. Det kan også være greit å nevne at jeg riktignok har jobbet 10-15 år i sportsbransjen, men at det er 6 år siden jeg forlot bransjen. Jeg har ingen interesse av å promotere spesielle produkter og merker, hvis jeg anbefaler noe er det ford