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Lowrance transducer compatibility

There are several lists and posts on what transducers are compatible with which Lowrance units, but since I don`t like any of them and tend to like doing things myself, I made a list.

The list is in a Google Sheet and you can find it here:
Lowrance transducer compatibility

Screenshot from the list of transducers.

And don`t worry, you can`t change anything in the sheet, only view it. But if you wonder if your old shoot-through fits your new HDS Live, or if your Hook2 can use a better transducer than the one in the box, you will find that info in the sheet.

Not sure which transducer you have? All Lowrance and Airmar transducers have a silver tag close to the connector that tells you what model transducer it is. Here is an example from HST-WSBL:

Transducer identification tag (photo; lowrance.com)

Looking for info on what to choose when it comes to Active Imaging 3 in 1 versus 2 in 1? Look at:
Choosing transducer: 3 in 1 or 2 in 1?

Have an older unit not compatible with Active Imaging and want to know the differences between LSS, TotalScan, HDI and StructureScan 3D?

Looking to see how much bottom is covered depending on the coneangle of your transducer? Use this tool from Airmar:
Airmar coneangle vs bottom covereage

Looking for coneangles on Airmar chirp-transducers? Look in the Airmar overview tab in the transducer compability sheet.

Often asked questions:

Q: What are the SKUs for the 9-pin transducers?
A: Take a look at this table:
9-pin versions of well known tranducers (photo; Navico)

Q: Is Lowrance HDS Gen 3 compatible with Active Imaging 3 in 1?
A: No it is not. Active Imaging uses a different ping-sequence on sidescan compared to LSS and StructureScan 3D, and Gen 3 does not support that. The best SideScan with HDS Gen 3 is when using StructureScan 3D (module and transducer).

Q: Is Lowrance HDS Gen 2 Touch compatible with TotalScan or Active Imaging 3 in 1?
A: No, HDS Gen 2 Touch is not compatible with either of those transducers. With HDS Gen 2 Touch, you typically use LSS-2 for sidescan/ downscan, and a seperate transducer for 2D. The oldets generation HDS compatible with TotalScan is HDS Gen 3, the oldest generation HDS compatible with AI 3i1 is Carbon.

Q: What is the frequenzies available with Active Imaging 3 in 1?
A: For SideScan you can choose between 455 and 800 kHz, downscan runs 600kHz regardless of user-settings. 

Q: What units is the HDI-transducer in Lowrance Ghost (a TM) compatible with?
A: The HDI in Ghost is the same transducer that you can buy seperatly called 83/200-HDI or med/high-HDI. It is fully compatible with HDS Gen 2 Touch (using the ble port, not the black port), HDS Gen 3, HDS Carbon and HDS Live as well as Elite HDI, Elite CHIRP, Hook, Hook2 (Splitshot and Tripleshot units, you need an adapter), Elite Ti, Elite Ti2 and Elite FS. All of these units will be able to use both 2D and downscan from the HDI in Ghost, some might require the 9 to 7 pin adapter.

Q: Can i mount a HDI-transducer as shoot-through (in-hull)?
A: As a rule of thumb, transducers designed to be transom mounted should never be used as shoot through. They are by design ment to "skim" water and are rounded off underneath in order to do that, while transducers designed for shoot-through aplications are flat underneath to ensure good contact-surface to the hull and adhesive (glue) used. Transducers with elements for scanning sonar (like HDI, that has a downscan-element) should never be mounted shoot-through as the scanning does not work through fiberglass due to high frequenzy and low power. If you decide to mount the HDI as shoot-through (not recommended), make sure to select HST-WSBL as transducer in your unit so only the 2D-element in the transducer is used, that way you can use a transom mount transducer for scanning sonar (like LSS, Active Imaging, StructureScan 3D etc) in addition.

Q: Is Airmar TM165HW compatible with Lowrance HDS Gen 3?
A: No, it is not. TM165HW was launched later than the last softwareupdate for HDS Gen 3, so HDS Gen 3 does not support the XID (automatic transducer recognition) in TM165HW. You can get some functionality from HDS Gen 3 with TM165HW if you manually set transducer to HST-WSBL and only use 200kHz (not 83kHz or medium chirp, those are not within the frequenzy-band of the TM165HW), but I would only recommend doing so if a new HDS (that supports TM165HW) is on your shopping-list for the near future.

Q: Why does my Lowrance transducer-connector have fewer pins than stated?
A: Different transducers have different connectors, and different numbers of pins in those connectors, depending on their functionality. Most transducers (not StructureScan 3D and ActiveTarget) will have the so called 7-pin or 9-pin connectors. The names come from the maximim possible number of pins the socket can have, but depending on the transducers functionality, the actual number of pins can be far less. As an example, a "7-pin connector" can have anywhere from 3 to 7 pins. The 9-pin connector is sometimes called xSonic.
Difference between 7- and 9- pin sockets (photo; Navico)


  1. I have a hook Reveal 7 with the splitshot transducer that I am planning to use for ice fishing. Is it possible for me to later on buy a different transducer (like the tripleshot or whatever) and use it on a boat later on, or did I need to purchase a tripleshot version and an ice transducer?

    1. Hi Chance. Hook Reveal Splitshot is not fully compatible with transducers providing sidescan (like Tripleshot). If such a transducer is connected, you will still only get 2D and downscan, not sidescan. But apart from that, yes you can use your unit on ice or in a boats and just add a transducer suited for the use. Typically a PTI-WBL (SKU 000-14089-001) for icefishing and a 83/200-HDI (SKU 000-15640-001) for use on a boat. Kind regards Erik


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