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torsdag 22. januar 2015

Minimum landing sizes for the Oslo fjord

Duncan in Oslofjordforbundet has made a very nice poster with information on the minimum size allowed for most of the fish in the Oslofjord.

It is very important that fish below these sizes are released back into the fjord when caught. Please release the fish in a careful way, if you have to hold the fish in order to unhook it, make sure your hands are wet. I strongly urge that you bring a pair of pliers with you when fishing, as this is a great aid for fast and gentle unhooking of the fish.

The poster also contains the Norwegian record for each of the species, and their name in both english and norwegian. Great work Duncan!

Click on the images to make them larger.

Example of a pair of cheap but good pliers for unhooking fish:
Link to this product at Biltema: http://biltema.no/no/Verktoy/Handverktoy/Tenger-og-Sakser/Universaltang-71643/Remember to rinse it in freshwater after use, that is a good idea with all equipment used in saltwater, and it will last you years. Personally I also bring with me one smaller and one longer pair of pliers, but the one in the link is the one I use 90% of the time.

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